SyndicateBloggers’ Privacy Policy

How do I implement the widget?

The widget consists out of a snippet of HTML that you simply copy/paste on the place where you want the widget to be. Details can be found in our Implementation Guide, contact us for more information.

How much do we have to pay to get content-sharing-widget implemented on the website?

We can implement the widget on your website for free. Just let us know. You can also do it yourself or get it done by your development team.

Is it possible to block certain accounts, i.e. competitors?

Yes, this is possible. You just put their website address in the block list and their content won’t appear in the widget.

Can I block my contents to show up on competitor websites?

Absolutely, just as you have done in the above case, add the website address in the block list and your contents won’t show up on your competitor’s website.

Is it possible to make some changes to the widget?

Of course you can customize the widget to suit your website’s design (look and feel) and go with the branding.

Do the widgets work on mobile?

Yes. All our widgets support mobile, tablet and desktop as well as responsive websites.

Does implementing the widgets affect SEO?

It doesn’t. The widget is a dynamic Javascript application and as such doesn’t affect SEO. Partner links in SyndicateBlogger widget are tagged rel="nofollow", which tells search engines that link authority should not be passed as a result of the link.

Do we need to keep an eye on the widgets continuously?

No. Complex artificial algorithms select, filter and present the most relevant content. No maintenance time or investments are needed to continuously get the best results.

How can I change the look of the widget?

All our widgets come with an optional custom CSS Stylesheet. If you would like custom adjustments, please contact us!

What are the widget sizing options?

Widget dynamically fits into the size you specify. They are available in two layouts, horizontal and vertical.

We want to use the widget for our own purpose and not show contents from other publishers/bloggers. Is that possible?

Yes. If you would rather not make use of content sharing opportunities, we offer customized solutions based on a wholesale rate.

Can I buy traffic through SyndicateBlogger?

Yes. If you are a publisher that produces high quality, original editorial content, email us for more info. We currently do not work with ad agencies or platforms.

How much traffic can I expect?

It varies. SyndicateBlogger displays your content on several blogs based on your plan which is either 6 times or 12 times of your website traffic. If the title of your content is click worthy, you can expect good traffic, but if your title sucks, you may not receive much traffic. Make use of A/B split testing of title to discover title that attracts maximum clicks. From your dashboard you can create multiple titles for each article that you want to promote.