About Us

Welcome to SyndicateBlogger!

I know you are curious to know about people behind Syndicate Blogger and so I thought I shall put together a small introduction. So here we go!

I am Salan Khalkho, CEO of the SyndicateBlogger.

It all started as a vision where bloggers of all size would promote each other's content and grow their traffic exponentially and get rewarded proportionally. But it took few years for this idea to conceptualize as a viable business model.

Let me start from the very beginning. After years of working for one of the biggest news and media house – Thomson Reuters (http://www.thomsonreuters.com.) I thought to ditch my 8-to-5 gig in favor of starting my own business. I started a blog and did everything I could to pull traffic to my website.

But as you know, building a steady stream of traffic is not a cake walk. It was around this time that I saw a lot of new companies cropping up with the concept of “native ads – content discovery platform.” Outbrain and Tabola are two of the best examples. These companies advertise your contents on thousands of other website through their content-discovery-widget for a cost. Since the contents actually show-up through content-discovery-widget the advertiser’s and the publisher’s website are both safe from Google updates (Penguin and Panda). Interestingly somewhere around the same time even Google started providing service of “Content Discovery Platform.”

I thought to myself ‘Wow that’s a great idea!’

What if I can promote some of my contents on my friend’s website and return the favor by promoting his content on my website through a content-sharing-widget? In this way we both get a chance to cross promote each other’s content among our visitors. This means if I have traffic of 1000 visitor per day to my website and my friend’s blog also has the traffic of 1000 visitors per day we both can promote our contents to about 2000 visitors per day. The best part is we don’t pay each other since we both are doing favor to each other.

I thought again,

‘What if I could get 6 bloggers to join hands? Or what if 12 bloggers join hands together?’

There is an endless possibility, but only if more and more bloggers join hands. We can all help each other drive massive amount of traffic to our websites. So about one and a half years down the line, here I am with SyndicateBlogger, a free content sharing widget i.e. ‘built by and built for the bloggers.’

For SyndicateBlogger to be successful, it has to deliver massive value to bloggers. Getting bloggers to try the platform is only half the success. The real success is when they continue to use the platform. This will happen only when they are able to drive traffic to their website.

SyndicateBlogger is just a tool to promote content on other participating blogs, but it can’t force any visitor to click to read the promoted content. That's the biggest bottleneck. Most title suck!

Title that succeed to grab attention and invokes emotions are the ones that gets clicked. No one clicks boring titles. But even if you do every bit to write exceptionally great titles, you can’t guarantee that it will resonate with the readers and will compel them to click the titles to read the content.

One of the ways SyndicateBlogger can win trust of bloggers is by showing tangible results that is traffic. That will happen only if people really click the title. To handle this situation we created option in the dashboard to facilitate bloggers to create multiple titles for each of their articles and conduct A/B split test to check the titles that brings them the maximum amount of clicks. Bloggers can then use the winning title for the rest of their campaign to earn maximum amount of clicks/traffic. This is one way SyndicateBloggers can show significant results. There are also many other functions built in to help a blogger to smoothly build traffic to ones website.

So, go ahead and enjoy the ride.

If you have any suggestions that can help improve SyndicateBlogger, do let me know.

I would also like to know your experience with SyndicateBlogger. If you have an interesting story to share, I would love to promote with my audience.

You can reach out to me at salan.khalkho@syndicateblogger.com

Salan Khalkho
CEO – SyndicateBlogger
Website: http://www.syndicateblogger.com
Email: salan.khalkho@syndicateblogger.com